Code implementation guide

If you use a Code View editor

If your web editor uses a Code View feature, please follow these instructions for pasting your AdSense ad code.

  1. Using your editor, open the webpage where you'd like to display AdSense, select the location in your page where you want to place ads. In this example, we'll place a leaderboard ad unit.

  2. In your editor, switch to the HTML view. Paste the ad code between the <BODY> and </BODY> tags. Pasting the ad code outside the <BODY> tags will prevent the ads from appearing correctly.

  3. Go to your editor's Preview tab to confirm that the ad code is pasted correctly and page layout looks fine.

  4. If you're satisfied with the results, go to File in your menu and click Publish Web. This will upload your site onto the Web with the Google ads implemented.

You're done! If this is the first time you implement code and your AdSense account has not been fully approved, your ad units will remain blank.

Once our system detects that the code has been placed on a live page, we will automatically review your websites with the ad code. It typically takes 2-3 days for our specialists to complete the review. Once your application is fully approved (you will receive a message about this), the ads will start showing.

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