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Brand safety

Ad review center overview

The Ad review center gives you more transparency and control over the ads that appear on your site. When you enable the Ad review center, you can review individual ads after they're shown and choose whether you want to continue showing them on your pages. To get started, see our guide to reviewing ads using the Ad review center.

Find your way around

The ad review center in the AdSense interface, described in text below
  1. Filters. Narrow your search by status, reviewed or product. You can review, then allow or block ads as necessary.
  2. Filter or search. Search for specific ads by text or use additional filters such as ad network, ad type, etc., to find ads.
  3. Search by image. Find and block an ad from its image by uploading a single PNG file under 3 MB. Learn more about image search.
  4. Select all. Make bulk changes like "Block", "block and report", or "mark as reviewed" to all ads on the current page.
  5. Sort by. Choose how ads are sorted.
  6. Ad viewing area. Review pages of ads at a time. Use the controls at the bottom to choose how many ads you want per page, and to move between pages.
  7. View ad details. Click an ad to view ad details such as image/format creatives, metadata, metrics, related ads, and more. Learn more about reviewing ads in the detail view.
  8. Block an ad. If you see an ad you don’t like, you can quickly block it.
  9. More actions. Take additional actions such as blocking and reporting an ad or finding similar ads, etc.

Important things to know about the Ad review center

  • You can find it on the Brand safety page in your AdSense, Ad Manager, or AdMob account.
  • It supports ads of all targeting types (contextual, personalized, and placement).
  • You can use its filter and search functions to help you find ads to review and block.
  • It doesn't support all AdSense products.
  • You can only block ads at the product level, not on a site-by-site basis.
Ad blocking should be used sparingly. Allowing all ads creates the most competitive atmosphere in the ad auction, with the largest number of ads possible competing for an impression.


Below are answers to some frequently asked questions about the Ad review center:

Why do blocked ads still appear in the Ad review center?

When you block an ad by advertiser URL or by ad category, you may still find that ad awaiting review in the Ad review center. This is because in the Ad review center we show all ads that have received at least a small number of impressions in the last 30 days.

As such, an ad blocked by URL or category is not immediately removed from the Ad review center as it still has old impressions from the last 30 days. Instead, the ad moves down the list of ads for review (which are ranked by the number of impressions they’ve received) until it no longer receives enough impressions to meet the minimum threshold and drops off the list.

Why are blocked ads still showing up on my pages?

There may be a delay of up to 24 hours between the time you block any ad and the time that ad is no longer eligible to run on your site. This is true whether the ad has been previously approved or only implicitly allowed.

Note also that when you block an ad by advertiser URL or by ad category, you may still find that ad awaiting review in the Ad review center.

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