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How do I submit my tax information to Google?

If required, tax information must be provided before the 15th in order to receive a payment that month.

Depending on your location, we may be required to collect tax-related information from you. If you're required to provide tax information, you can do so by visiting the Account settings page in your AdSense account. Please note that your payments are placed on hold until you provide your required tax information. Look for the Payment settings section and click the "edit" link next to Tax information. Our interface will help guide you to the appropriate forms and requirements for your particular situation.

If you are required to provide your tax information to Google, you can do so within your AdSense account.

  1. Sign in to your account.
  2. Click the gear icon and select Settings
  3. In the Payment settings section, click the link to update tax information.
  4. On this page you'll find a guide that will help you to select the appropriate form for your tax situation. All of the forms are available to submit online, and instructions for submitting any other forms offline are also provided.

Please be aware that not all publishers are required to provide tax information. In addition, you'll only be able to add or edit your tax information once your earnings have reached the tax threshold. The Tax Information page in your account will only enable you to submit tax information when it's appropriate for you to do so.

If your payments are on hold because you're required to enter tax information, and you provide your tax information after the 15th of the month, you won't be eligible to receive a payment in that month's payment cycle. If your tax information is provided after the 15th, your earnings will rollover to the following month and you'll be issued a payment in the next payment cycle.

Per our payment timeline, monthly payments are issued around the 25th, as long you have met the payment threshold and all holds are removed by the 15th.

We recommend that all publishers regularly verify the accuracy of their tax information with the Internal Revenue Service (IRS). Google is not responsible for confirming or updating publisher tax information.

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