Ads troubleshooting

Install personal firewall software

Installing personal firewall software on your computer may alter the appearance of Google ads or may interfere with the ability to click on these ads when displayed on your computer. The effects of this software can include ads appearing without a visible URL or title, or ads not appearing at all.

In order to properly view Google ads, we recommend ensuring that you have disabled any ad blocking or JavaScript disabling features of your internet security software. Below is a list of some of the applications that may interfere with the ability to view Google ads:

  • Norton Internet Security
  • Norton Personal Firewall
  • Norton Anti-Spam
  • Firefox Ad Blocker plug-in
  • Kerio Firewall
  • McAfee Firewall
  • Proxomitron
  • Windows XP Service Pack 2 with firewall enabled

For information on how to disable the ad blocking feature of a particular product, we recommend that you contact the support for that product directly. If you do not have any personal firewall software installed on your machine and are still having trouble viewing Google ads, please ensure that you have properly enabled JavaScript for your browser.

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