Troubleshooting and issue resolution

Known Issues

Below is a list of the current AdSense known issues and their possible workarounds. Please know we are working to resolve these issues and appreciate your patience.

Google Publisher Toolbar disabled for some Chrome users


If your Google Publisher Toolbar disappeared from your Chrome browser after you were prompted to reset your Chrome settings, the extension may have been disabled.

To re-enable it: enter "chrome://extensions" in the address bar of your Chrome browser, locate the Google Publisher Toolbar in the list of extensions, then select the checkbox to re-enable it. If you can't find the Google Publisher Toolbar in the list, you'll need to re-install it from the Google Play Store.

Last updated: January 20, 2014

Some rich media ads are showing up blank in the Ad review center for Firefox and Chrome users


Due to new security measures introduced in the latest versions of Firefox and Chrome, some rich media ads are showing as blank in the Ad review center for publishers using these browsers. While this doesn’t affect the allow and block functionality of the Ad review center, it does mean that currently:

  • You can only see a screenshot of these ads in the “tiled” view.
  • You can’t see a preview of these ads in the “one by one” view.

Specifically, this issue relates to the following versions of Firefox and Chrome:

  • Firefox version 23.0 and higher
  • Chrome version 30 and higher

Note that if you’re using an older version of either of these browsers, you won’t be affected by this issue.

We are currently investigating potential fixes for this issue.

Last updated: October 8, 2013

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