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Performance reports: Gain insights into your account performance

Learn all about the Performance reports tab and the reporting features that can help you to analyze your data more efficiently and easily.

The Performance reports tab is where you'll find valuable insights into your data. Here, you have graphs of page impressions, clicks, and revenue over time, as well as more detailed reports that you can customize to gain insight into your earnings. You can see the amount you've earned from various ad formats, ad sizes, targeting methods, and more.

Highlights of Performance reports

Graphical reports: Understand your revenue at a glance by viewing graphs of page views, ad unit impressions, clicks, and earnings.

Report types: The Performance reports tab gives you many options to segment your data. Some of these options include:

  • Time: View activity by days, weeks, or months. You can use the date selector at the top of the page to choose custom date ranges and compare date ranges to see how your revenue changes year to year or month to month and to better understand how seasonal and yearly trends affect your earning patterns.
  • Channels: Channels are now split into URL channels, for tracking by areas of your site, and custom channels, for more flexible tracking in ways you define.
  • Products: If you're earning with AdSense in multiple ways -- with content, search, mobile content, feeds -- see how these different products contribute to your overall earnings at a high level.
  • Ad types: Learn how often text ads, image ads, and other ad types appear on your pages.
  • Bid types: See how advertisers are paying for the ads that appear on your site, whether by clicks or impressions.

Saved reports: Save reports you’ve run in the past and quickly access them. You'll also see reports you've saved on the Home tab.

Filter and chart features: These features give you more options to understand data in a report you’ve run. You can select items in the table, then click "Filter" to see the combined total of those items in the graph and table. The lines in the graph represent the statistics you've chosen, such as clicks and earnings. You can use the "Chart" button to visually compare up to five items from the table below. For example, you could select and chart several custom channels.

Multi-dimension analysis: When analyzing your data in Performance reports, you can drill down to view detailed information by clicking the report item in the table. From there, use the "Add dimension" drop-down above the table to change the dimension and get a deeper look at your performance.

For example, imagine you want to know how much revenue you’re earning from placement targeting broken out by text, image, and other rich media ads. To see the data in this way, choose Targeting types in the sidebar, and in table, click "Placement". Then, in the "Add dimension" drop-down, pick Ad types.

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