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Troubleshoot asset upload errors

If there's a problem while uploading assets to the asset library, you'll see an error. Click Show to see more details.

This will open a file upload panel with more details about the files and folders you've recently uploaded. Select the error message you're seeing and follow the troubleshooting steps to solve your issue.

"Can’t upload this file right now. Try again later."

Try waiting a few minutes, then upload again.
You can also try refreshing your browser or clearing your cache and cookies, then try again.

"This file is unrecognized. Supported file types include: PNG, JPG"

The file type of the file you're trying to upload wasn't recognized. Check that the file you're trying to upload uses a supported asset type. If it's not supported, try uploading a different asset.

You can also try checking if the file name matches the file format. For example, someone might have accidentally renamed an SVG file to have a JPG file extension.

"File size is too large"

Reduce the file size below the maximum supported size for the asset type and try to upload again.

"Animation has disallowed visual effects"

You can only upload animated GIFs that meet the following requirements:
  • Length is 30 seconds or shorter
  • If the animation loops, it stops at or before 30 seconds
  • The framerate is less than 5 frames per second

Learn about display ads specifications in the Google Ads Help Center.

"This media format is not allowed"

The file type you're trying to upload isn't a supported asset type. Try uploading a different asset that uses a supported file type.

"File name too long"

Shorten the file's name to 128 characters or less, then upload again.

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