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Understand reminder ads

Sometimes the ads you see are reminders of a website you've browsed. Advertisers show you these reminder ads to encourage you to return to what you were looking at. 



On your bus to work, you're browsing a sporting goods store on your phone and see a pair of running shoes you're thinking of buying. On the way home, you're reading a news website and see the same pair of shoes in an ad from the same athletics supply store.

How reminder ads work

Some advertisers keep lists of visitors to their websites. If these advertisers use Google ad services, they can provide those lists to Google in order show ads to the same people who visited their website. 

Google is one of many companies with ad services that uses lists of website visitors to show reminder ads.


Google does not sell your personal information to anyone. Read privacy policy

Control reminder ads

To mute reminder ads: 
  1. Sign in to your Google Account.
  2. Go to Ads Settings.
  3. Scroll down to “Your reminder ads.”
  4. Click or tap the X next to an advertiser whose reminder ads you'd like to remove.

Muting applies to reminder ads on non-Google websites that use Google ad services.

Muting lasts at least 90 days

Advertisers tend to show reminder ads within a limited span of time, often within about a month from when you visited their websites. Muting lasts for 90 days, because reminder ads rarely exist beyond this period. 

When you mute reminder ads from a particular advertiser, you won't see their reminder ads unless 90 days have passed.


Muting doesn't apply everywhere

When you mute an advertiser's reminder ads, non-Google websites that use Google ad services are prevented from showing you reminder ads for 90 days. Websites and apps that don't use Google ad services may still show you reminder ads.

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