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About seller ratings and consumer ratings

When you see text ads on Google search, you might notice a star rating or other detailed ratings. These are called seller ratings and consumer ratings, respectively, and they’re a way for Google to keep you informed as you shop online.

About seller ratings

Here's an example of what seller ratings might look like in a Google ad:

An example of a text ad with a seller ratings extension.


We base our seller ratings on customer reviews and information from verified sources. Seller ratings reflect the overall shopping experience with these businesses.

Where seller ratings come from

Ratings are based on reviews and information from the following sources:

Service Available countries Description
Google Customer Reviews AU, BR, CA, CH, DE, ES, FR, GB, IT, NL, AT, BE, CZ, DK, IN, MX, NO, PL, RU, SE, TR, US, JP, NZ

A free service that collects reviews from customers after they make a purchase.

Reviews collected apply to seller ratings. Learn more

Evaluation by Google
and / or
Stella Service logo
DE, FR, GB, US These programs measure and analyze the quality of the shopping experience provided by online retailers.

StellaService is an independent company that measures the quality of your customer service, as well as your shipping and return processes.

Google collects data about selected merchants and the shopping experience they provide.

Fill out this form to let Google and StellaService know that you’d like an evaluation of your business.
Review partners See each partner website Google works with all the review partners shown here. Please reach out to any partner you’d like to work with directly.

About consumer ratings

Consumer ratings arm you with more information about the businesses or services you’re considering. These surveys can offer detailed, unbiased information about businesses. But keep in mind their limitations:

  • Ratings are based on responses from consumers who said that they had transacted with a particular business. Google didn’t verify the accuracy or truthfulness of the transactions by asking for additional information from these consumers (for example, a purchase receipt or a contract).
  • Ratings reflect only a summary of consumer opinions, so they shouldn't be treated as facts about the business, nor do they represent the views of Google or its affiliates about the business. This content is provided for informational purposes and should not be construed as advice.
  • A high rating doesn’t suggest that you’ll always have a great experience with the business. Similarly, a low rating doesn’t suggest that you’ll always have a bad experience with the business.
  • Ratings might not be available for every business that you’re likely to consider in your purchase decision.

Where consumer ratings come from

Google generates consumer ratings with consumer opinion data from Google Consumer Surveys.

The surveys Google ran were devoted to particular industries. For the airline industry, for example, the survey asked consumers about aspects of their flying experience, like check-in experience, in-flight experience, cost, baggage handling, customer service, airline loyalty program, and overall satisfaction. Then, Google rated various airlines on each of these factors based on consumers’ responses to these questions.

Learn more about consumer ratings in our AdWords Help Center.

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