About Google ads

As you browse the Internet, read your email and shop online, you see ads. For example, your Google Search results page may show ads similar to a search phrase you just typed, or your favourite blog may show interactive ads related to the content on the page. These kinds of ads – ads on Google services and millions of websites and apps that partner with Google – are Google ads.

How ads work and Google's role

Google is one of 100+ online ad networks. Google’s ad network consists of Google services, like Search, YouTube and Gmail, as well as 2+ million non-Google websites and apps that partner with Google to show ads. Here’s how an ad network works:

Barbara, an avid at-home chef, owns a blog where she writes about cooking. She’s called a publisher. In order to make money from her website, she works with Google AdSense to put ad spaces on her blog. In turn, Google pays her money for that ad space.

Joe, a personal trainer, wants to advertise his private training lessons. He’s called an advertiser. Joe can use Google AdWords to create ads and show them to people who are interested in fitness. If you visit a lot of pages about exercise workouts, you may have seen Joe's ads because they're relevant to that topic; but you could also see his ads when you visit Barbara's blog because your web activity suggests an interest in fitness.

Why you see ads on Google

Google, like Barbara, makes money from ads. Ads help keep Google free and support many of its services. Google also uses ads to help you find products and services and fund the websites you visit through products like AdSense.

Google ads and your personal information

What we provide to publishers

Google doesn’t share any of your personal information with publishers, unless you ask us to.

What we provide to advertisers

Google gives advertisers information about their ads' performance, but we do so without sharing your personal information (ex: your emails from Gmail). Find out more


Google never sells your personal information to anyone.

Ad performance can be measured through ways you show interest in ads. This can include:

  • Visiting an advertiser's website from Google Search
  • Swiping through or expanding images of ads on Google Search


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