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Overview of rewarded interstitial ad units (Beta)

This feature is currently in beta release.

Rewarded interstitial is a new type of incentivized ad format that allows you to offer rewards, such as coins or extra lives, for ads that appear automatically during natural app transitions.

Unlike rewarded ads, users aren’t required to opt-in to view a rewarded interstitial.

Instead of the opt-in prompt in rewarded ads, rewarded interstitials require an intro screen that announces the reward and gives users a chance to opt-out if they wish to do so.

Only skippable ads will be served in rewarded interstitial ad units.

Currently, this includes demand from AdMob and Meta Audience Network. Mediation with other ad sources is not currently supported, but may be added in the future.

How do rewarded interstitial ads work?

Rewarded interstitial ads can serve without requiring the user to opt-in to viewing. At any point during the experience, the user can decide to skip the ad or to stop viewing the ad. 

You can specify the reward values associated with the ad units in your app and set different rewards for different ad units. Users will receive the reward for interacting with the ad without needing to install anything. 

Introduction to rewarded interstitial ads

AdMob rewarded interstitial ad format & features

Before displaying a rewarded interstitial ad to users, you must present the user with an introduction screen that includes the following:

  • Clear reward messaging that incentivizes users to view the ad 
  • A clear, unobstructed option to skip the ad before it starts
  • Sufficient time for the user to understand the reward and opt-out if they don’t want to view the ad


A user playing a game has just completed a level. While the next level loads, the user is prompted that an ad will begin in a few seconds and the reward for watching the ad is an extra heart. The user has the option to close the ad. 

After a few seconds, the ad begins with a countdown that lets the user know how much time is left until they receive the reward. If the user clicks to exit the ad, a prompt appears to warn about the loss of the reward. The user must confirm that they want to exit the ad before the ad closes.  

Video ad type

  • Sound Controls:
    • Volume control based on the device volume (not app-specific volume controls)
    • Mute icon support (Android only)
  • Closeable video ad:
    • Clicking on the X button will generate a prompt asking if the user wishes to close the ad
    • The user is warned that they will lose the reward if the ad is closed
  • Countdown timer:
    • Lets the user know how much time is left until they receive the reward
  • Delayed install:
    • The user is brought to the appropriate app store on completed view
  • End Card (optional install):
    • The user receives a reward for viewing the video ad (no need to install)
    • The install button turns green on video completion
    • Clicking the button takes the user directly to the appropriate app store

Interactive ad type

You can optionally include interactive ads in your rewarded ad units.

  • Playable ads:
    • Click-to-download ads that let the user try out a game by playing it within the ad unit context.
    • Afterward, the user is offered the opportunity to download the app.
  • Survey ads:
    • Asks the user a question.
    • After answering, the user receives a reward.

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