Manage Open Bidding ad sources (Beta)

This feature is currently in beta release.

To use an Open Bidding ad source, you must first set up a partnership with the ad source. The partnership must be active before the Open Bidding ad source can accept ad requests from your AdMob account.

In many cases, this is as simple as creating an account on the ad source's home page. 

Learn more about the ad sources available for Open Bidding and their requirements in the Google Developers guide for Android and iOS

You can view the partnership status of all the available Open Bidding ad sources from the Open Bidding ad sources table. To get to the table, click Mediation in the sidebar. Then, click the Ad sources tab. 

The Open Bidding ad sources table also includes information about how many mediation groups are associated with each ad source. 

Partnership status

The Partnership status column shows the status of your partnership between each ad source. The table below shows the statuses and what they mean.

Status  What it means
Started agreement You’ve started the partnership agreement with the ad source, but haven’t submitted it yet. Follow the steps to complete the agreement. 
Completed agreement You’ve completed the partnership agreement, but you haven’t acknowledged and accepted AdMob’s terms of using Open Bidding. Follow the steps to sign AdMob’s Open Bidding terms. 

Your partnership status will be marked as Pending while the ad source reviews your partnership request. This typically takes 2 business days. 

If you haven’t received a response after 2 business days, reach out directly to the ad source. 

Active The ad source has approved your partnership request. The ad source can now accept ad requests from your account. 

If the ad source does not approve your request, your partnership status is marked Rejected. You can click Retry to submit another request. 

If your partnership request is rejected and you submit another request, your partnership status will remain as Rejected until the ad source approves your request. 

Note that this is the ad source’s decision. Google does not have insight into why they rejected your partnership request. Reach out directly to the ad source for more information.

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