Updates to your Mediation report

3 April 2018

The newest update to AdMob’s reporting experience, AdMob Reporting Beta, includes changes to the way your mediation data is managed and stored. 

Your AdMob Mediation report will now surface key metrics for your mediated ad networks such as matched requests and match rate—metrics traditionally not surfaced by third-party networks. You’ll also be able to segment your mediation data by mediation groups, giving you greater insight into your overall yield management strategy.

To pave the way for better mediation reporting, we’ve had to deprecate historical mediation data. Note that this is just a reporting change, and your historical earnings will not be impacted in any way. Historical mediation data not associated with a mediation group may not be available in the new AdMob Reporting Beta, but can be accessed through the legacy reports link. To preserve your historical data, export your legacy reports.

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