Exporting historical data from legacy reports

Due to differences in the way reporting data is managed and stored in the new AdMob Reporting Beta, historical mediation data will not be available in the new user interface. 

You can still access your historical reporting data (including mediation data) by clicking the Go to legacy reports link at the bottom of the Reports page in AdMob. This historical data will be available for a limited time and we suggest exporting the data if you want to save it. 

To export your historical data from legacy reports:

  1. Click Go to legacy reports.

  2. Click the tab at the top of the Reports page for the report you want to export.
  3. Make any desired adjustments to the date, filters, and dimensions used in the report. Exported data will include all reporting metrics, but will be customized by the same filters and dimensions you've added to your report in AdMob.
  4. Click EXPORT at the top of the report to download your complete report data as a .CSV file. 

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