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Changes to AdMob mediation

Mediation has moved

Previously, you needed to click into each of your ad units to access their individual mediation settings. 

Now, you can click Mediation in the sidebar to access the list of all your mediation groups and associated ad networks. 

Mediation groups

Mediation groups are combinations of targeting settings that help to optimize the revenue generated by your ad units. You can create mediation groups ahead of time, then add ad units and ad sources as you go, or create them all at once. Instead of setting mediation options for each ad unit repeatedly, you can just set them once for your mediation groups, then add your ad units to the groups you want.

During the account upgrade, your existing AdMob mediation settings were automatically converted into new mediation groups. These groups were created by finding common settings between your ad units, using those settings to create a mediation group, then adding the right ad units into the group. This was done automatically, and we recommend that you review your new mediation groups and make any desired adjustments.

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Updated ad network management

You can manage the credentials for all of the ad networks you're using for mediation from the ad networks table. To get to the table, click Mediation > Ad networks tab. Click the name of an ad network to review its credentials and make changes.

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Optimization has been consolidated

The “Optimize the AdMob Network” option and the “Ad network optimization” (ANO) option have both been renamed to Optimize in the new UI. Optimization differs slightly between the AdMob Network and third-party ad networks, but both methods share the same goal: to try to help maximize your revenue.

When the Optimize option is selected: 

  • AdMob Network: AdMob will adjust the eCPM in real time on a per-impression basis. 
  • Third-party networks: AdMob will adjust the eCPM used for the ad network based on your app’s traffic, historical data, and information retrieved from the ad network, itself. 

Learn more about optimization 


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