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Overview of rewarded ad units

AdMob rewarded ad units allow you to reward users with in-app items for interacting with video ads, playable ads, and surveys. 

This is a screenshot that shows an example of a rewarded video ad after it

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How do AdMob rewarded ads work?

Rewarded ads may be served only after a user explicitly chooses to view a rewarded ad. This puts the user in control of their in-app experience. 


A user playing a game has no more lives. The user is asked if they want to immediately recover lives by watching a video ad. Alternatively, the user can decide to spend money or wait a specific amount of time to reach the same result.

You can specify the reward values associated with the ad units in your app and set different rewards for different ad units. Users will receive the reward for interacting with the ad without needing to install anything.

AdMob rewarded ads best practices

AdMob rewarded ad format & features

AdMob rewarded ads may be click-to-download video ads with an end card that appears when the video ends or interactive ads, such as playable ads or surveys. They’re available only as interstitial ads.

Video End card

Example: Click-to-download video ad

Video ad type

  • Sound Controls:
    • Volume control based on the device volume (not app-specific volume controls)
      Note: If your app has its own volume controls (such as custom music or sound effect volumes), you can allow video ads to respect app volume settings. Learn more for Android or iOS.
    • Mute icon support (Android only)
  • Non-skippable, but closeable video ad:
    • Clicking on the X button will generate a prompt asking if the user wishes to close the ad
    • The user is warned that they will lose the reward if the ad is closed

      This is a screenshot that shows an example of a rewarded video ad while it
  • Countdown timer
  • Delayed install
    • The user is brought to the appropriate app store on completed view
  • End Card (optional install)
    • The user receives a reward for viewing the video ad (no need to install)
    • The install button turns green on video completion
    • Clicking the button takes the user directly to the appropriate app store
      This is a screenshot that shows an example of a rewarded video ad after it

Interactive ad type

You can optionally include interactive ads in your rewarded ad units.

  • Playable ads:
    • Click-to-download ads that let the user try out a game by playing it within the ad unit context.
    • Afterward, the user is offered the opportunity to download the app.
  • Survey ads:
    • Asks the user a question.
    • After answering, the user receives a reward.
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