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Using the conversion window

Conversions can no longer be created in AdMob. The Conversions table will continue to display a read-only list of the conversions you’ve created in AdMob and Google Ads. 

Going forward, all conversions should be created in Google Ads and tracked using the Firebase SDK. If you’re setting up conversion tracking in Google Ads for the first time, follow the instructions to track conversions with Firebase.


A conversion window is the period of time after a customer taps your ad during which a conversion, such as a purchase, is recorded in AdMob.

In AdMob, you can edit the conversion window setting for any of the conversions you're tracking. For example, you could choose 7 days for app installs, or 30 days if you're measuring in-app actions. It's up to you.


The conversion window setting is ideal if you want more control when measuring your conversions, particularly if you're tracking conversions that don't fit the default 30-day conversion window.

Keep in mind: If you set your conversion window to 7 days, any conversion that happens more than 7 days after the click won't be recorded. This means it won't appear in reports.

How it works

You can set different conversion windows for each of your conversions, when you first create the conversion during setup or anytime after.

You also can change the conversion window as often as you'd like. Just remember that any changes apply to all conversions going forward. So, if you're using a 30-day conversion window and you change it to 10 days, the 10-day window will only apply to conversions recorded from that day forward.


Here's an example of how a conversion window would work if someone tapped your ad on March 1:

  • March 1: Your conversion window is set to 30 days. Conversions between now and March 30 will be counted for this tap.
  • March 7: You change your conversion window to 10 days. Conversions before March 10 will be counted for this March 1 click.
  • March 16: You change the conversion window again to 20 days. A March 13 conversion from this tap, which wasn't counted within the last window, won't be retroactively counted. But future conversions before March 20 will be counted for the March 1 tap.


You'll be given the opportunity to choose a conversion window whenever you create a new conversion. You can also change the conversion window for an existing conversion by editing the conversion.

Keep in mind

  • You can set the conversion window anywhere from 7 to 90 days.
  • If you don't use the conversion window, a 30-day default window will be applied to your conversions.
  • Conversion Optimizer will count and optimize conversions for any window you choose.

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