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Overview of native ads express


Native express ad units can no longer be created in AdMob. Existing native express ad units will stop serving ads starting March 1, 2018. Learn more


Native ads match both the form and function of the user experience in which they’re placed. They also match the visual design of the app they live within. Native ads augment the user experience by providing value through relevant ads that flow within the context of surrounding app content.

Example of what an app install ad looks like in the mobile world.

How does native ads express work?

Native ads created using AdMob's built-in design interface are referred to as native ads express. When you create a native ad unit for native ads express, you define the native ad style using the templates, color selectors, CSS editor, and ad types provided in AdMob.

Ad sizes, templates, and ad types

Several ad sizes, templates, and ad types are provided to get you started on your native ad design. When you design your native ad style in AdMob, you'll select the ad size and template that most closely resembles the ad you want to design. This will be the base for your native ad, which you can then customize and design to match your app's user experience.

Available ad sizes

You can select from small, medium, and large ad sizes. You should select an ad size that most closely matches the native express ad unit you're trying to create.



Width: 280–1200
Height: 80–612
Width: 280–1200
Height: 132–1200
Width: 280–1200
Height: 250-1200

Available templates

Each ad size contains several predefined templates to get you started. The templates shown below are just a few examples.

An image showing one example of a small native ad template

Small template (example)

An image showing one example of a large native ad template

Large template (example)


An image showing one example of a medium native ad template

Medium template (example)

The colors in each template can be customized using the color selectors in the editor panel. If you want to customize a template even further, you can click the Edit CSS button and use the native ads express CSS editor to tailor the look and feel of the ad unit.

Available ad types

Select the types of ads you want to allow to appear in your native express ad unit.

All ad types are selected by default to maximize ad unit monetization. Limiting the allowed ad types can also limit the revenue generated by an ad unit.

App install ads

  • Intended to promote and drive mobile app installs
  • Users install the promoted app by clicking on the ad, which directs them to the relevant app store

Content ads

  • Allow for a more generic combination of text and images that covers a broader scope
  • Users visit the promoted website directly from within the ad by tapping a button

Video app install ads

  • Intended to promote and drive mobile app installs using promotional videos
  • Users watch a video directly within the ad, then install the promoted app by clicking on the ad, which directs them to the relevant app store
  • Only large templates can be used to show video app install ads
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