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Google Play policy restriction: Disabled app

If your app is removed from the Google Play store for a violation of Play Policies, Google will restrict ad demand for that app until you resolve your issues with the Google Play store and your app has been reinstated.

Appeal process

For Google Play policy violations, you’ll be notified in the AdMob Policy centre and via email. You can review the apps that have violations in the Policy centre of your AdMob account and in the email.

If you missed this email, try searching the inbox of the email address associated with your Google Play/AdMob accounts for emails from Check your email account's spam filter to make sure that the email wasn't mistakenly flagged as spam.

Please carefully review the description of the violation and review what steps, if any, you can take to fix the issue on the Play Console Help Centre

Once you’ve fixed the violation, you must initiate the appeals process on the Play Console Help Centre; email replies back to the original notification aren't reviewed.

If the Google Play policy team reinstates your app, the restriction for Google Play policy will be removed. If the app doesn’t have other violations, ad serving will be automatically re-enabled. No further action is needed. 

It can take up to one day after your app reappears in the Google Play store for ad serving to be re-enabled.


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