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Learn more about the new AdMob rewarded ads

Ad units, ad formats, & ad types

Ad units are containers you place in your apps to show ads to users. Ad units send ad requests to AdMob, then display the ads they receive to fill the request. When you create an ad unit, you assign it an ad format and ad type(s).

Ad format describes the way ads will look in your app and where they'll be located. Ad type describes the kinds of ads an ad unit can show to users.

There are several ad formats to choose from, and each ad format specializes in showing different ad types.

Ad formats

Banner: A basic ad format that appears at the top & bottom of the device screen. 

Learn how to create a banner ad unit

Interstitial: Full-page ads appear at natural breaks & transitions, such as level completion. Supports video content.

Learn how to create an interstitial ad unit

Rewarded video: Ads reward users for watching short videos. Good for monetizing free-to-play users. Video ads only.

Learn how to create a rewarded video ad unit

Native: Customizable ad format that matches the look & feel of your app. Ads appear inline with app content. Supports video content.

Learn how to create a native ad unit

Ad types

When you select the ad types for an ad unit, you're telling the ad unit which kinds of ads you want to allow it to show users. When the ad unit requests an ad from AdMob, it can only receive an ad that matches one of its assigned ad types.

  • Text: Text ads use text descriptions to entice users to click the ad.
  • Image: Image ads use an image to entice users to click the ad.
  • HTML5: HTML5 ads are attention-catching ads built in HTML5. They're usually interactive.
  • Video: Video ads display a video inside your app. There are different kinds of video ads:
    • Video app install ads let users watch a skippable video ad for an app before deciding if they want to download it.
    • Rewarded video ads let users choose to watch a short, non-skippable video. These ads offer in-app items you define, such as coins, lives, or points, in exchange for watching the video.

The ad types available to an ad unit depend on the ad format you selected when creating it.

Videos displayed in rewarded video ad units must be shorter than 60 seconds.

Ad format & ad type compatibility

You can use the table below to learn more about how ad formats and ad types interact. Ad units can only show ads that are compatible with their ad type. 

Note: If you unchecked any of the ad types during ad unit creation, this will also affect the ads that can be displayed.

  Ad types
  Text (web) Text (app) Image (web) Image (app) HTML5 Video
Banner Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes No
Interstitial Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes
Rewarded video No No No No No Yes
Native ads express No Yes No Yes No Yes
Native ads advanced No Yes No Yes No Yes


  • A banner ad unit created using the "Text" and "Image" ad types will be able to show text and image ads, plus HTML5 ads.
  • A native express ad unit will be able to show text and image ads that advertise apps, plus video ads. 
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