Apply for a fully activated AdSense account to also show ads on my own site

AdMob publishers only

When you signed up for AdMob, we also created a partially approved AdSense account for you. If you do have your own site that you’d like to show ads on, you can apply to fully activate your AdSense account, by adding “AdSense for content” as described below. Once your AdSense account is fully activated, you can earn money by displaying targeted Google ads on your site.

To show ads on your own site:

  1. Sign in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click Ads.
  3. Under “Add AdSense for content", click Apply now.
  4. Complete the AdSense application form, then click Submit my application.
  5. Finally, you need to create your first ad unit and place the ad code on the URL that you provided in your AdSense application, on a page that receives traffic. You can learn more about how to implement ad code on your site in our code implementation guide.
Note that until your AdSense account is fully activated, only blank ads will appear on your pages. Once your account is fully activated, you’ll receive a confirmation email and begin to see live ads. Please don't click on your live ads, even to test them -- doing so isn't permitted by the AdSense Program policies.

Once your application is approved, you’re welcome to place your ad code on any site that you own without any further approvals.

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