Manage ad source credentials & optimization

You can manage the credentials for all of the waterfall ad sources you're using for mediation from the waterfall ad sources table. To get to the table, click Mediation in the sidebar. Then, click the Ad sources tab.

See the Network credentials column to review and make changes to your ad network credentials. 

screenshot of waterfall ad sources table

The waterfall ad sources table also includes information about how many mediation groups are associated with each ad source, which ad sources support optimization and eCPM retrieval for reporting purposes, and the optimization status of the ad sources.

When you create a mediation group and add an ad source, the source is also added to this table. Additionally, you can directly add an ad source to the table by clicking Add ad source credentials. If you add an ad source's credentials to the table, you won't have to add them later to use the ad source in a mediation group. 

Whether you add an ad source's credentials on the ad sources table or during mediation group creation, you should only have to add them once for each ad source. If the credentials change, you can update them by clicking Edit in the Network credentials column of the ad sources table.

Optimization status column

The Optimization status column shows the status of communication between AdMob and each ad source. The table below shows the statuses and what they mean.

Status What it means
not optimized icon Not optimized. Optimization is not enabled for this ad source. 
optimization not supported icon Optimization not supported. The ad source doesn’t support optimization, so there is no status to report.
optimized Optimized. This ad source is optimized. The eCPM will be regularly updated based on historical data.  
invalid credentials icon Invalid credentials. Optimization failed because there is a problem with the credentials you entered for this ad source. 
optimization in progress

Optimization in progress. You’ve entered credentials for this source, but optimization and eCPM updates for reporting haven’t started yet. 

When optimization is enabled and credentials are entered, there may be a delay while AdMob gathers data. Optimization will begin automatically once AdMob has gathered enough data. 

optimization delayed

Optimization delayed. eCPM was last optimized 7 or more days ago. This may be caused by:

  • Incorrectly mapped ad units. Check that your ad units exist in the third-party ad source and are allowed to serve. Also check that the mapping details in the AdMob frontend match the mapping details in the third-party ad source. 
  • Low impressions for ad units. This could be due to low traffic for this ad unit.


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