Manage ad networks & optimization

You can manage the credentials for all of the ad networks you're using for mediation from the ad networks table. To get to the table, click Mediation > Ad networks tab. Click the name of an ad network to review its credentials and make changes.

The ad networks table also includes information about how many mediation groups are associated with each ad network, which ad networks support optimization and eCPM retrieval for reporting purposes, and the status of communication between AdMob and the ad networks.

When you create a mediation group and add an ad network as an ad source, the network is also added to this table. Additionally, you can directly add an ad network to the table by clicking Add ad network credentials. If you add an ad network's credentials to the table, you won't have to add them later if you want to use the ad network as an ad source for a mediation group. 

Whether you add an ad network's credentials on the ad networks table or during mediation group creation, you should only have to add them once for each network. If the credentials change, you can update them by clicking the ad network's name in the ad networks table.

Supports automatic update column

This column shows whether each ad network supports the automatic retrieval of the it's eCPM data on a regular basis for optimization and reporting purposes.

  • : This ad network can be optimized and its eCPM can be used for reporting data. For ad networks that support optimization, AdMob can still continue to retrieve the ad network's eCPM data to include in reporting if you enable optimization and disable it later.
  • Not available: This ad network doesn't support optimization.

Network status column

This column shows the status of communication between AdMob and each ad network.

  • Blank: The network doesn’t support optimization, so there is no network status to report.

  • Set up optimization: The ad network supports optimization and automatic eCPM updates, but you haven’t entered any credentials. Click the link to add credentials.

  •  Pending: You’ve entered credentials for this network, but optimization and eCPM updates for reporting haven’t started yet. When optimization is enabled and credentials are entered, there may be a delay while AdMob gathers data. Optimization will begin automatically once AdMob has gathered enough data. 

  • : There may be a problem communicating with this ad network. It could be a network error or a problem with the credentials you entered for this ad network. 

  • Invalid credentials: There is a problem with the credentials you entered for this ad network. Click the Fix now link to review and correct the credentials.

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