Legacy AdMob has been shut down

Last updated: April 17, 2015

You can no longer use legacy AdMob to promote and monetize your apps. Specifically, please be aware of the following:

  • Ads have stopped serving to legacy ad units that have not been imported to the new AdMob. Legacy ad units that have been imported and are properly associated to a new ad unit ID in the AdMob interface will continue to serve ads.
  • Legacy house ad campaigns have stopped serving.
  • You can no longer access the legacy AdMob UI.

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The new AdMob is a powerful platform that enables you to monetize, promote, and analyze your apps all from one easy interface. Increase your revenue with new tools such as ad network optimization and the Optimize AdMob Network setting. Understand your users with Google Analytics, now available directly in the AdMob Analyze tab, and achieve more downloads for your app promotion campaigns using Conversion Optimizer.

Legacy AdMob has been shut down. Please sign up to continue using AdMob.

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