AdMob Mediation

About house ad campaigns

House ad campaigns are campaigns that serve ads to your app using your own inventory, free of charge. You can set up house ad campaigns to promote either your own apps or another advertiser's product through a direct deal. When you create a house ad campaign, you determine whether the campaign has an impression goal (i.e., impression goal campaign) or is eCPM-based.

During AdMob Mediation, impression goal campaigns are served first. If there are multiple impression goal campaigns, ad serving will rotate evenly through the campaigns. After all impression goal campaigns are served, ad requests will be filled by eCPM-based ad sources, including the AdMob Network, AdMob eCPM Floor Beta, and third-party ad networks. The eCPM value determines the order of the ad network to serve ads.

The house ad campaign creation process follows many of the same steps as regular paid campaign. If you've ever set up an ad campaign, setting up a house ad campaign will be very familiar.

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