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Create a house ad campaign

Complete the following steps to create a house ad campaign.

  1. Sign in to your AdMob account at
  2. Click the Promote tab.
  3. Click + Promote new app and select New house ad campaign.
  4. Select an app to promote by using one of the following methods:
    • Search for your app: Search Google Play or the iTunes App Store for your app, then click + Select.
    • Add your app manually: If your app is not published yet, enter the app name and the platform, then click Continue.
      We recommend linking your app to the App Store once it's published.
    • Select from apps you have added: In the list of apps you've already added to AdMob, click + Select beside the app you want to promote.
  5. Design your ads:
    1. Click + New ad.
    2. Select an ad format and enter the relevant details for the ad.
      • Text ad
        • Ad name: Enter a name for your ad. The ad name is limited to 255 characters.
        • Destination URL: Enter the URL page where AdMob will direct users to when they click your ad.
        • Headline: Enter the message that you'd like your customers to see. Your message is limited to 25 characters.
        • Ad text: Enter the message that your customers will see. Your message is limited to 35 character.
        • Included info: (This field auto-populates.)
        • App icon: Upload an icon for your ad. This icon will be displayed along with your ad text.
      • Image ad
        • Ad name: Enter a name for your ad.
        • Destination URL: Enter the URL page where AdMob will direct users to when they click your ad.
        • Image upload: Upload an image from your computer to use as the ad.
    3. Click Save. Repeat steps (a) to (c) for each ad you want to create for this campaign.
    4. Click Continue.
  6. Select your targeting criteria:
    1. Geo locations: Select the geographic location you want to target.
    2. Languages: Select the languages (based on the user's device language settings) you want to target.
    3. Carriers and bandwidths: Select the wireless carriers you want to target.
    4. Devices and OS versions: Select the devices and OS versions you want to target.
    5. Demographics: Select the specific age ranges and genders of the customers you want to target.
    6. Advanced ad targeting:
      • Audience: You can target specific groups of users by creating audiences in AdMob, Google Analytics, or AdWords, and targeting them in your AdMob ad campaigns. Click Edit beside each of the following to select an audience to target or exclude from your campaign.
        • Target: Specifies which users your campaign should be shown to. For example, you could target users who have used your app in the last 30 days. By default, all users will be targeted.
        • Exclude from targeted group: Specifies which members of the targeted group your campaign should not be shown to. For example, you could exclude users who are using a certain version of your app. By default, no users will be excluded.

        For more information about audiences, see Create an audience in AdMob.

    7. Click Continue.
  7. Select ad units and set mediation type:
    1. Click next to the ad units you want to serve this house ad campaign or click Add all to add all available ad units.
    2. Click Save.
    3. Set mediation type:
      • eCPM: The campaign is served alongside third-party ad networks. The eCPM value determines the order of the ad source to serve ads.
      • Impression goal: The campaign has a target impression goal and will always be served first during mediation (i.e., before any eCPM-based ad sources). Enter the target impression goal.
    4. Click Continue.
  8. Schedule and name your campaign:
    1. Schedule: Click Edit and set a start and end date for your campaign. To have your campaign run indefinitely (or until you decide to pause it), set the end date to None.
    2. Frequency capping: Click Edit and select frequency capping settings.
    3. Campaign name: Click Edit and enter a name for your campaign.
  9. Click Save campaign.
Additional steps for eCPM campaigns

For eCPM campaigns, there are a few extra steps to complete. You will need to enter the eCPM value for the selected ad units before any impressions can be served.

  1. In the campaigns table, click the house ad campaign you just created.
    You can use the selectors at the top of the table to display only house ad campaigns.
  2. Click the Ad units tab.
  3. For each ad unit, click Edit mediation in the Mediation column.
  4. Enter a eCPM value next to the house ad campaign. Learn how mediation works.
  5. Click Save.
  6. Click the house ad campaign link under the Ad source column to return to the campaign page. Repeat steps (c) to (e) to allocate traffic for the other ad units in the house ad campaign.


Start your house ad campaign


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