AdMob publisher best practices guide

1. Setup and planning

Plan who uses your account

Your first step as an AdMob publisher is to sign up for an account at AdMob supports only one email login per account. We recommend using an email address and password that will not be tied to a single member of your organization, as all communication will go through this one email address.

Your AdMob account will be integrated with a Google Account. Again, it is recommended that you use a shared email address as the login if multiple users need to log into the account. This will also help ensure access to your account is not interrupted if the administrator of the account is absent. Publishers can always change their login email if they have access to the current login email address.

Plan your application registration setup

After registering an AdMob account, your next step is to register an application. During registration, you'll be prompted to add:

  • App name
  • App Store URL / Android Package URL
  • Category
  • App description

It’s a good idea to have application names formatted with specific identifiers for each registration, such as: [app name] [ad type] [placement] or [app name] [subsection] [ad type] [placement]. You might also want to include the platform name - Android, iOS, etc.

Here's an example: PaperToss Banner Bottom Android or FunGame MainMenu Text-Only Top.

It’s also a good idea to create a new site ID when adding a new ad placement or launching significant updates. This will make it easier to compare performances between different placements and updates. Reporting of statistics will be intuitive if your site ID registrations are planned well.