Changes to the AdMob auction

To ensure that we deliver the most effective mobile ads marketplace to our customers we're changing the AdMob auction for all cost-per-click (CPC) ads.

Effective February 15, 2012, AdMob will move to an AdWords-style auction, where the winning price is determined by the quality of the ad and the other bids on that impression. In addition, we're removing minimum bids and targeting fees to allow AdMob CPC advertisers to compete for inventory under the natural forces of supply and demand.

Advertisers will benefit from more efficient pricing and could receive cheaper clicks depending on the inventory on which they bid. High quality ads will be rewarded with an improved chance at winning the auction.

This change will occur for all CPC auctions globally on Feb 15, 2012. There are no changes to non-CPC campaigns at this time. Advertisers should monitor their bids to see the effect on their particular campaigns, and be prepared to adjust bids and budgets to ensure they are meeting their volume and ROI goals.

We look forward to bringing AdWords auction components that have been refined over the years to the AdMob platform to benefit advertisers, users, and publishers.

How we determine Quality Scores for the AdMob Network

A Quality Score is calculated for your ad each time it's eligible to appear on an AdMob placement. The following factors are considered:

  • Your ad's performance history on that and similar placements
  • Other relevance factors

How Quality Score affects your ads on the AdMob Network

Quality Score is used to rank your ads on AdMob placements. The better your Quality Score, the higher your ad position.

Quality Score also affects your eligibility to enter the ad auction. Lower-quality ads may require a higher bid to compete in the auction. Fewer impressions on the AdMob Network may mean your Quality Score isn't high enough for your ads to be shown at your current maximum CPC bid. If you'd like to receive more impressions without working to improve your ad quality, you'll need to increase your maximum bid.

However, we don't encourage you to raise your bids in these cases. Instead, you should re-evaluate and improve your ads and keywords to create a positive experience for users who see your ads. Doing this should improve your ad performance on the AdMob Network.