Ad Network Mediation overview

What is AdMob Ad Network Mediation?

This product coordinates with ad networks to help maximize your fill rate and increase your monetization. We call it AdMob Mediation for short.

AdMob Mediation sends ad requests to multiple ad networks—including AdMob—to ensure you find the best available network to serve your ad. If your top choice can't fill the ad request, our product works down a list of alternatives and contacts them in the order you specify. It continues until it finds a network to fill the request or it’s tried all your chosen networks.

Your settings tell AdMob Mediation how to choose between these networks. You can allocate traffic based on eCPM (effective cost per thousand impressions—an estimate of ad revenue) and location.

For example, you may want AdMob Mediation to try a certain network first when ad requests come from a specific country. Or you may want to divide traffic evenly between your networks, or allocate traffic to the network with the highest eCPM. For each ad request, AdMob Mediation tailors its network search to your priorities.

You can set up AdMob Mediation by following the following four steps:

  1. Set up your mediation placement.
  2. Allocate traffic by eCPM.
  3. Implement the SDK in your app.
  4. View reports.