AdMob Mobile Web Sunset

Can I monetize using the old AdMob “WAP” site code?

No. We used to return ads for those requests, but as of October of 2011, we officially deprecated the use of that site code. As we are doing with the AdMob Smartphone Code, we are aligning all mobile web monetization with our primary Google AdSense for content product.

For any publisher that has not created an AdSense account and switched to the AdSense for content site code, AdMob will return an ‘empty response’ that will not cause their site to freeze or degrade performance. However, no ads will be returned or displayed to that old AdMob “WAP” site code. Any AdMob campaigns or ads targeting WAP have also been paused.

Pending earnings have been paid out according to the existing payment schedulee. Earnings that are less than $20 at the end of the month (or $100 for international wire payments) have been and will continue to be rolled over to the following month.

Why did you make this change?

Between AdMob, which Google acquired last year, and Google AdSense, we offer industry leading products for mobile publishers to make money from their apps and web content. However, we know the overlap in the AdMob and AdSense products may have been confusing for our customers. We've been working to reduce that overlap, while making sure our mobile app developers and mobile web publishers continue to have access to the products and features that best suit their needs.

We're taking the next step to simplify our suite of products by transitioning AdMob WAP mobile web publishers to AdSense, our primary product for web publishers.

Will you be making similar changes for AdMob ads for high-end mobile web?

Yes. We have also shifted all AdMob Smartphone Web code to our primary Google AdSense for content product. We will stop returning ads to that code on May 1, 2012. In effect, if you are seeking to monetize a mobile website of any sort, we strongly encourage mobile web publishers to start moving to AdSense now.

From here on, the Google advertising monetization options for developers are simple. AdMob is for mobile app developers and AdSense is for mobile web publishers. App developers should continue to head to to monetize, measure and promote mobile apps. Mobile web publishers can get started with AdSense by signing up for free at

This means that AdMob WAP campaigns and inventory will begin to move to the AdWords platform. If you wish to advertise on WAP mobile web inventory, you should move your campaigns to AdWords. AdWords offers advertisers contextual targeting and improved reporting with the familiar AdWords interface.

What will happen to my existing account and reporting data?

Account login for all publishers and advertisers will remain active. All reporting data for both sites and campaigns will remain available in the AdMob interface.

I applied for an AdSense account but my application was denied. What can I do?

If your application wasn't approved, you're welcome to resubmit it for review. Before doing so, please read the application status message you received for more details on why your application was disapproved.

You may make any necessary updates to your application and resubmit by signing in to our homepage using the email address and password you provided with your application. Once you've resolved all issues with your application, click Resubmit.

Can you tell me more about the AdSense for content program?

AdSense for content allows publishers to generate earnings from their desktop and mobile websites using targeted Google ads. AdSense for content has a number of ad formats and sizes to match the needs of your mobile website. The most popular sizes are the 320x50 mobile leaderboard and the 300x250 rectangle.

AdSense for content is currently available for high-end phones in all countries.

If, however, you would like to monetize mobile websites designed for phones using WAP or i-mode, we only support a limited number of locations. To monetize these types of mobile websites, you can use the AdSense for mobile product.

In addition to our standard program policies, publishers who wish to participate in AdSense for mobile or AdSense for content in order to monetize their mobile websites, must also comply with the additional policies specific to mobile-compliant websites.