Ad disapproval

Your ad status notifies you if your ad is running, paused or disapproved. The ad status is represented by a symbol on the campaign, ad group and ad level. If your ad is disapproved, we send you an email notifying you and include the reason within the user interface. Steps for resubmitting a disapproved ad and a table of disapproval reasons are both included below:

Finding the disapproval reason and resubmitting an ad:

  1. Login to your account at
  2. Click the Campaigns tab to access your campaigns, ad groups and ads.
  3. Click the Campaign name that contains the disapproved ad.
  4. Click the ad group name that contains the disapproved ad.
  5. Click the Edit under the ad name that has been disapproved (disapproved ads are grayed out).
  6. The disapproval reason will be listed below the ad name.
  7. Make the necessary changes to the ad and click the Resubmit button.

Note: You can filter any given ad group to only display approved ads by simply checking off the "Hide Disapproved Ads" check box at the bottom left of the user interface.

The chart below indicates different disapproval reasons along with a detailed explanation of each:

  • Ad is pending moderation.
  • Ad belongs to a campaign that has not started (before the campaign start date).
  • Ad belongs to a campaign that has ended (the campaign end date has passed).
  • Ad belongs to a campaign that has reached its campaign budget limit.
  • Ad belongs to an account with a zero account balance.

Note: Blocked ads can also be paused or running, but one of the above conditions must be true.

If you have questions about ad approvals, please complete this form.