Create an ad group

An ad group is a collection of ads with a single advertising goal and the same targeting. For example, you can have one ad group goal to promote your iPhone app in the US, and another for ads promoting your mobile website in the UK and South Africa. An ad group must always exist within a campaign.

You can add another ad group at any time by clicking the Campaigns tab and selecting the campaign where you want to create a new ad group, and then clicking the Create an Ad Group button.

To create an ad group:

  1. Enter a name for your ad group. This is not seen by users, but helps you to keep track of all of your ad groups. You should give your ad group a name that helps you identify it when monitoring its performance.
  2. Select Application and the appropriate app platform as your ad group goal. Users will be taken to the app download page in the app store when they click your ad. You can create multiple ad groups with different goals within the same campaign.
  3. Click Continue at the bottom of the page.
  4. Select targeting. After you choose an ad group type, you will need to specify targeting criteria for your ad group. All ads in an ad group share the same unique targeting.
    • Platform/Device: Platform and device targeting can be helpful if your product or service is more relevant for users with specific platforms or devices. Platform and device targeting enables you to specify the exact devices you want to reach. For example, if you are promoting a Android game app, you would only want to target the Android platform. Where applicable, you can also specify targeting by manufacturer. By default only the top manufacturers for each region are displayed. Additional manufacturers can be found under "Other."
    • Geography/Operators: Customize which countries and operators you want to target. For example, if you want to reach users in India, you can target users of specific operators, such as Airtel, BPL and Vodafone. By default only the top operators and carriers for each region are displayed. Additional operators and carriers cannot be individually targeted and are grouped under "Other." You also have the ability to select traffic type. The two available options include operator and Wi-Fi. Depending on the ad group, you may want choose a specific traffic type. For example, if you are advertising an iPhone app that exceeds 10 MB, target only Wi-Fi to ensure that users are able to successfully download your app.

      When deciding on country and operator targeting options, consider whether your objective is to get as much traffic as possible or to reach a specific type of user. Selecting all countries and operators reaches the maximum number of users. Selecting a specific country or even specific operators within that country refines the types of users who see your ads.

      For iPhone apps, advertise only in the countries your app is available for download. If you do not target specific countries, your ads run in all markets worldwide.
    • Demographic: Here you can select if you want to target by gender and specific age groups.

      The more you refine your selections, the more you reduce the total amount of traffic available for your ads – this is particularly true if you target demographic and market areas. This should focus your spend most effectively; however, be sure not to over-constrain your selections. As you experiment with targeting, we recommend closely watching your reports and continually refining your selections.
  5. Click Save and Continue to save your ad group and go on to create an ad.