House Ads FAQ

What platforms are supported for House Ads?
House ads can be targeted to iOS and Android applications. House ads are not available for mobile web or other platforms.

What should I enter for the CPM value of an ad group?
In this field, you should enter how much you value 1000 impressions from this ad group. This is not a value you will be charged. Rather, it allows you to assign a value to your house ad impressions. We may use the value entered here to help us better allocate your ad requests. Please note that once this value has been saved, it cannot be edited.

Is there a way to show my house ads only when a paid ad is not displayed?
You can do this with AdMob ad network mediation! You can learn more about configuring AdMob ad network mediation here.

If you want to run house ad campaigns with minimal impact into your paid ad monetization, you can use the 'Site Geo Stats' reporting to see if there are specific geographies where you are receiving very low fill rate and target house ads campaigns to only those areas.