FAQ about adding ads to your site or app

How long does it take for ads to begin appearing after the first ad request?

When and sites apps are newly registered with AdMob, it can take some time and a few ad requests to allow inventory to build. Because of this you may not see live impressions immediately.

Once your app or site is frequently making requests, you should see more consistent results. Please note that test ads operate through the same channels as live ads. Being able to return a test ad ensures that your application is properly communicating with our network.

What URL should I use for my iOS app?

If you’re an iOS developer, you can use the URL from the App Store. You can get this by right clicking on your app’s name in iTunes and clicking Copy Link.

What URL should I use for my Android app?

If you’re an Android developer, please use the URL in this form: market://details?id=<packagename>, where <packagename> is the package name of your app.

Where can I find the AdMob SDKs or publisher code snippets?

To download any of our developer SDK's or code snippets, please follow these steps.

If you haven't yet entered an app into our system:

  1. Go into your account and select the Add Site/App button under the Sites and Apps tab in your account.
  2. Go through the process of registering an app or site.
  3. After clicking Continue, you'll be prompted to download the latest SDK or publisher code.


If you already have an app or site registered and need to re-download your publisher code, simply navigate to the Sites & Apps tab, click the Manage Settings button next to the app or site, and select Get Publisher Code on the following page.

Where can I go for help with integrating the SDK?

For technical questions regarding our our iOS and Android SDKs, please review our code site here. If you are unable to find a solution to your answer, we would encourage you to post to our developer forum here. The developer forum is the best way to receive technical support from our staff as well as fellow developers.

Please note that this forum is currently only available in English.

How can I receive CPM or interstitial ads?

Currently we are only able to offer CPM banners and interstitials to a select group of publishers. These publishers are chosen on the basis of their performance on our CPC network as well as other factors related to advertiser demand.

We will reach out to you if we are able to offer CPM or interstitials to any of your site or apps.