Create a house ad

The house ads tool allows you to traffic ads on your own inventory free of charge. The house ad creation process follows many of the same steps as creating a regular ad campaign. It uses the same three level hierarchy of Campaign, Ad Group and Creative. If you've ever set up an AdMob ad campaign, setting up a house ad campaign will be very familiar.

House ads can be targeted to iOS and Android applications. House ads are not available for mobile web or other platforms.

Complete the following steps to create a house ad.

  1. Log in to your AdMob account.
  2. Go to the Sites & Apps tab and select House Ads.

  3. Create a new house ad campaign.

    1. Click Create New House Ad Campaign.
    2. Enter a campaign name.
    3. Set a start date to control when your house ad campaign will start running.
    4. Set an end date to control when your house ad campaign will stop.
    5. (optional) Enter a description of your campaign.
    6. Click Save and Continue.
  4. Create an ad group.

    1. Choose a name for the ad group.
    2. Select the ad type you want to create in this group.
      • iOS App Download: A banner or text plus tile ad that drives a download of an iOS application.
      • Android App Download: A banner or text plus tile ad that drives a download of an Android application.
      • Crossfade Banner: A banner ad that fades between 10 different images and leads users to a website you specify.
      • Banner or Text: A banner or text ad that leads to a website you specify.
    3. Select which sites or apps you want to target. The statistics next to the site or app name shows the total ad requests for that site over the last 7 days and how many of those requests weren't filled by paid ads.
      The sites or apps available for this ad group change depending on the ad type you selected in the previous step.
    4. Set the impression goal.
      • Ad Group Impression Goal: This is how many impressions you want the ads in the ad group to serve over the life of the campaign (according to the start and end dates you specified when creating the campaign). We can't guarantee that this impression goal will be reached, but we will not serve more than this amount.
      • Fully allocate: 100% of all ad requests will be allocated to this ad group during the campaign period. No paid ads will be served during this time. If you have multiple ad groups with this option set, all ad requests will be allocated evenly between those groups.
      • CPM: The cost per thousand impressions for this ad group. You should enter how much you value 1000 impressions from this ad group. We may use the value entered here to help us better allocate your ad requests.
        Once this value has been saved, it cannot be edited.
      • Value: The total value of the ad group.
    5. Click Continue.
  5. Select targeting criteria.

    1. Select the platforms and devices you want the ad group to target.
    2. Select the geographic locations and operators you want to target.
      Restricting your targeting could limit the number of requests your house ad is able to run on.
    3. Click Continue.
  6. Create your creatives.
    • Choose an ad name.
    • Enter the URL of the ad. Be sure to verify that the URL or application you are promoting is valid.
    • Select a standard or custom creative to run your house ads. Add the text or upload your image.
    The fields on this page depends on the ad type you selected earlier.
  7. Click Create Ad and Finish.