Enabling Keyword-targeted ads and Google Certified Ad Networks in Your Applications

Android and iPhone application developers now have the option to serve keyword-targeted ads and ads from Google certified ad networks. With this option set, we will attempt to fill your ad request with not only ads from Google/AdMob, which explicitly target mobile applications, but also ads from Google certified ad networks and general keyword-targeted ads. Enabling these ads provides a great opportunity for publishers to increase their fill rate and revenue. The following FAQ provides more details on this exciting new program.

How do I enable keyword-targeted and GCAN ads for my application?

Publishers can enable or disable keyword-targeted and GCAN ads for an individual app by clicking the Manage Settings button under their app's name in the Sites & Apps tab and then clicking the App Settings tab.

Do I need to update my SDK or make any code changes?

Publishers using a recent version of the SDK will not have to update their code. However, it's always a good idea to update to the most recent version. The latest version of our SDK can be found by clicking the Manage Settings button under your app's name in the Sites & Apps tab and following the Get Publisher Code link.

How are ad networks selected by Google?

We conduct a thorough certification process to ensure that ad networks meet Google's requirements for third-party ad serving with regard to user privacy, accuracy of measurement, latency, and compliance with our creative policies. At this time, we're focusing on our partners and vendors that have been specifically requested by our publishers.

What types of ads will appear if I enable keyword-targeted and GCAN ads?

We will offer image banner ads served by Google certified ad networks. In addition, Google’s vast library of contextually targeted text ads will be eligible to serve in your mobile application to help increase fill. These ads will be the same text ads and click to call ads as those currently offered by Google. They will retain the “Ads by Google” branding.

What are the content guidelines for keyword-targeted and GCAN ads? How can I ensure no inappropriate ads are shown in my app?

All ads that will be shown in your application are required to comply with the Google AdWords ad format policies.

Can I filter or manage the keyword targeted and GCAN ads that run in my application? Do the existing filters I set for my application apply to these ads?

No, at this time you are not able to apply any filters on the content of keyword-targeted or GCAN ads that run inside your application.

How will keyword-targeted and GCAN ads be considered in the auction?

Any publisher selecting this option for their AdMob application will have their inventory included in the Ad Exchange. Google certified ad networks will compete in an auction against AdWords advertisers and the highest paying ad will show on the inventory. We believe this will help to ensure that publishers get the highest eCPM possible for their inventory.

How will I be paid?

You will be paid with a single check that includes all revenue generated by Google / AdMob, and Google certified ad network ads in your application.

How will keyword-targeted and GCAN ads be targeted?

The GCAN ads are targeted similarly to AdMob ads and based on the device, operator, location, type of application, etc. Keyword-targeted ads are contextually targeted based on the description of the application.

Which publishers will benefit the most from this new feature?

Like all mobile advertising, the performance of ads will vary from application to application. However, applications with lower fill rates on the AdMob network should benefit the most from the additional ad inventory.

How will serving work if I have house ads enabled?

If you have set a percentage of ad requests to be directed to house ads, the behavior will not change with keyword-targeted and GCAN ads enabled. The percentage of requests you have allocated will continue to be directed to house ads.