Settings & ad filters

You can edit your app settings by clicking the Manage settings button under your app’s name in the Sites & apps tab. Here you will be able to control the types of ads that appear on your inventory, change your server side settings, edit your app's registered information, get your app’s publisher ID, and access your SDK or code.

Ad filters

The filters tab in the settings page provides a substantial amount of control over the ads that show on your inventory. AdMob offers the following types of filters:

  1. URL filters- Prevent ads linking to a specific URL or domain from appearing on your app.
  2. Text filters- Prevent ads containing or exactly matching text or phrases from being shown.
  3. Category/site filters- Prevent certain categories of ads from being displayed.
    1. The “Image ads” filter will prevent image banners from being displayed.
    2. “Age appropriate” ads are disabled by default. Enabling these will allow your app to display ads that are rated as age appropriate. An ad is designated age appropriate when the content or service promoted is not suitable for all audiences. Examples of age appropriate advertising are gambling and personals ads. AdMob does not accept ads that promote adult products or services.
  4. Language settings- Prevent ads of certain languages from being displayed on your app. We only recommend disabling languages if you are certain they are not relevant to your user base.

In general, we advise publishers to set their filters to be as permissive as possible. This maximizes the amount of ads that are available to run on your inventory and ensures you are receiving the highest revenue generation potential we can offer.

App settings

If you are an app developer, you will seen an additional tab labeled “App settings” that provides some additional controls. Here you can change the color scheme of your ads, enable test mode, change your refresh rate, and enable AdSense ads if that option is available to you. You can find more information on enabling AdSense ads in your application here.