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Link your apps to Firebase

Leverage Google Analytics to track your traffic

Analyze your traffic with data insights

Google Analytics for Firebase is an analytics solution that gives you rich insights into your app traffic. Audience data can help plan contents, improve the user experience by optimizing how user navigates your apps, and get some insights on your app monetization strategies.

Use Analytics insights to conduct traffic analysis

  • Monitor your traffic and get to know your app's normal traffic patterns.
  • Drill down into AdMob reports on specific ad units, CTRs, and impressions.
  • Break down your Analytics traffic reports into meaningful segments or channels.
  • Use the methods listed above to find suspicious traffic sources or clicks.
  • Make sure your ad implementation is compliant with the AdMob program policies.
  • Still have a question? Consult the AdMob Community Forum.
  • Finally, report invalid activity to the AdMob team.

Use Analytics statistics to optimize your revenue

You can use Analytics' associated services to integrate with your AdMob revenue. This can help you conduct a comprehensive and three-dimensional analysis of your income at the page level.

  1. Link your AdMob apps to Google Analytics for Firebase.
  2. In Analytics, visit the Dashboard tab.
  3. View the breakdown of the visitors across different user demographics, eg. gender, age, country etc. using "What is your audience like?" card.
  4. Visit Conversions tab and select "first_open" as a event, you can check the breakdown of visitors and LTVs from different sources (e.g., Google Play, Google ads campaigns).

By combining the data from above, you can perform a multi-dimensional analysis on specific traffic sources, screens, and user groups.

Tips to maintain clean traffic

  • Use Google Analytics for Firebase to understand your ad traffic and app users. You can break down traffic using channels, custom events, or ad unit reports in AdMob.
  • Create different ad units for each of your apps. Segregate different ad placements with unique ad unit IDs. 
  • Don’t click on your own ads. If you want to test the ads use the test ads, follow the instructions on Google Developer for  Android and iOS.
  • Identify bot activity: self-identifying bots, spiders, and search engine crawlers. Learn more about Traffic Quality.
  • Make sure you work with trusted traffic partners to avoid suspicious traffic.

Conduct A/B test using Firebase Remote Config and Firebase A/B testing

Firebase A/B testing allows you to test variants of app ads placements, monitors the results, and tells you which variant is the leader.

If you would like to create A/B tests using Firebase there are some steps you need to take:

  1. Add Remote Config or Firebase Cloud Messaging to your app.
  2. Create an experiment.
  3. Define how you will measure success.
  4. Monitor your experiment to find the winning variant.

For more details, you can refer to the Firebase A/B Testing page and this AdMob tutorial video.

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