Add terms & conditions to a proposal

Learn how to add terms and conditions to a Programmatic Direct proposal

As part of the negotiation process with a buyer, you can add your own terms and conditions to a Programmatic Direct proposal. Terms and conditions specify the contract details of a proposal between the publisher and buyer.

  • These are custom terms and conditions that the publisher has an option to create. They’re not required and have no relationship to Google’s terms and conditions. Google doesn’t enforce these terms and conditions, and they don’t affect serving.
  • Ad Manager’s negotiation process contains a repository to allow you to upload terms and conditions within the deals settings, though you’ll likely manage them elsewhere.
  • We recommend agreeing to these terms and conditions with the buyer before adding them in the deals settings.
  • You decide which terms and conditions to append to a given proposal, and the buyer agrees to it along with the other proposal details.

Create publisher terms and conditions

Only administrators can create terms and conditions.

First you need to add terms and conditions in deals settings.

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Navigate to Salesand thenDeals settings
  3. From the “Deals settings” page, click the Terms and conditions tab.
  4. Click New terms and conditions.
  5. Name and add the terms and conditions.
    Choose a name that helps sales representatives easily identify this set of terms and conditions.
  6. Click Save.
    The new terms and conditions appear in the table.

Create a proposal with terms and conditions

Once you've added publisher terms and conditions, you can apply them to a Programmatic Direct proposal.

  1. Navigate to Salesand thenProposals.
  2. Click New proposal.
  3. Next to “Additional settings,” select the terms and conditions from the “Terms and conditions” dropdown.
  4. Complete the remaining proposal settings and click Add proposal line item or Save.

Archive terms and conditions

If you archive terms and conditions, they no longer appear in the table and won’t be an option in proposal settings.

  1. Navigate to Salesand thenDeals settings
  2. From the “Deals settings” page, click the Terms and conditions tab.
  3. Select the checkbox next to the terms and conditions you want to archive.
  4. In the bar that appears, click Archive.
    To see archived terms and conditions in the table, click Add new filterand thenStatusand thenis any of, select the Archived checkbox, and click Apply.

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