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Check child publisher readiness

MCM child statuses have been streamlined and reorganized under MCM readiness.

These changes follow the general availability of the new Address and Identity verification steps for child publishers. All MCM Manage Inventory children onboarded after April 3, 2024, are subject to these verifications.

Child publisher statuses are now organized under MCM readiness. Child publishers have different statuses (Ready, Not ready, Inactive) depending on where they're at in the MCM invitation process, or based on the status of their account.

When a child has completed all onboarding steps and is ready to serve, their status changes to "Ready." 

You can check the progress of your child publishers through each onboarding step:

  • Invitation for an MCM relationship
  • Account approval
  • Identity verification
  • Address verification 

Example of MCM readiness status as it appears in the Ad Manager UI, described in text on this page.

Note that MCM readiness reflects completion of account-level steps only. Site review is a separate process and can be started while a child is completing their MCM readiness steps.

Check a child's MCM readiness

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Admin, then Multiple Customer Management, then Child publishers.
  3. Under "MCM readiness," check the child's readiness status.
    By default, all of your child publishers show on the table.  
  4. To view child publishers by MCM readiness status, click a filter:
    • Ready: These child publishers have completed all required onboarding steps and are ready to serve. 
    • Not ready: These child publishers have onboarding steps to complete. For example, they may need to verify their identity.
    • Inactive: These child publishers are no longer active. For example, you may have ended the agreement with them.
  5. To add another filter, click Add new filter and select an option, such as "Delegation type."
  6. For children with the status "Not ready" or "Inactive," click  and review any details under their name.
  7. For more details and options, click a child's name.
    • Under "MCM readiness log," you can check what steps the child has completed.Example of MCM readiness details as it appears in the Ad Manager UI, described in text on this page.
      • Manage Account child publishers may show "Exempt" for Address verification. 
      • Some approval statuses may not show a date of completion. 
    • Under "Agreement details," you can view the delegation type, revenue share (for Manage Account), and available actions such as withdrawing an agreement.
    • To resend an invitation, at the bottom, click Resend invitation.
      Learn more about following up on MCM invites
  8. If you made any changes, click Save.

About MCM readinesss statuses

An MCM child publisher can have the status "Ready," "Not ready," or "Inactive." Review the following tables for details on each readiness status. 


The "Ready" status indicates the child publisher has completed all steps and is ready to serve. You'll find the following details in Ad Manager. 
Step Readiness log status
Invitation Accepted
Account Approved
Identity verification ID verified
Address verification

Mail PIN verified

(Shows "Exempt" for publishers with active accounts that were onboarded prior to the launch of account verifications)


Not ready

The "Not ready" status indicates the child publisher is still onboarding. The following details may show:

Readiness log status

Invitation Pending

A child publisher has been created and the invitation has been sent.

The invitation allows the child publisher to register with Ad Manager as being represented by a parent publisher.

If you withdraw a child publisher at this stage of the approval process, the child publisher will be listed in the table as "Inactive", and the invitation URL becomes invalid.

Account Account pending Account is pending approval by Google 
  Closed: Policy violation Account was closed for a policy violation, such as not meeting quality requirements
  Closed: Invalid activity Account was closed due to invalid activity
  Closed by publisher Account was closed by the publisher
  Deactivated by Ad Manager Account was deactivated by Ad Manager
  Disapproved: Ineligible Account was disapproved as ineligible
  Disapproved: Duplicate account Account was disapproved because a duplicate account was found
Not yet started ID verification process has not yet started
  Pending ID verification is pending
  Exempt Publisher is exempt from this step 
  Expired ID verification expired
  Failed ID verification failed
Address (mail PIN) verification Not yet started The mail PIN for address verification can be sent after ID verification is complete.
  Pending Mail PIN sent and awaiting verification from child
  Exempt Publisher is exempt from this step
  Expired Address verification expired
  Failed Address verification failed



The "Inactive" status means the relationship is not active, and onboarding is no longer in progress. Only details for the invitation step may show:
Step Readiness log status
Invitation Invitation declined by child on date
  Invitation withdrawn by parent on date
  Invitation expired on date
  Agreement ended on date
  Invitation expired on date
Account -
ID verification -
Address verification -

About expired invitations

A child publisher who receives an invitation has 90 days to accept or decline the invite, or the child publisher's status will be set to "Expired."

Parent publishers can follow up on invitations.

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