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Ad unit mapping for Open Bidding (Beta)

Connect Ad units to ad networks
This feature is in Beta
Features in Beta phase might not be available in your network. Watch the release notes for when this feature becomes generally available.

What is Ad unit mapping?

Ad unit mapping provides a way for publishers to connect a Google Ad Manager Ad unit to the ad network required parameters for a specific ad format (i.e. Banner, Native, etc.) and environment (i.e. mobile or web).

Add one Ad unit mapping

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Delivery and then Yield partners.
  3. Click on the name of your Yield partner.
  4. Click New Ad unit mapping.
  5. Select the type of Ad unit: "Run of network" or "Specific Ad unit"
  6. Select the ad unit from the drop down.
  7. Select the "Format" and "Inventory type". If you select the Web format, you must also select "Inventory URLs"
  8. Enter a "Placement ID".
  9. Click Save.

Ad unit mapping fields

These fields are required to support ad unit mapping.

Field Example Description
Ad unit ID 123456789
Format Banner Available Formats include "Banner", "Interstitial", "In-stream Video", "Native", and "Rewarded"
Inventory type Mobile

Inventory type identifies the kind inventory or the context in which ad creatives serve. Values you'll be able to select from under "Inventory type" include: Web, Mobile, and Video

Mobile application ID 442304512 ID associated with your mobile application. This will be empty if the Ad unit mapping is for "Web" or "Video".
Inventory URLs (optional) One or more URLs for web-based Inventory.

Facebook Audience Network (FAN) fields

These fields are specific to ad unit mapping for Facebook Audience Network.

Field Example Description
Placement ID abc_123 The Facebook Audience Network (FAN) placement ID is the Facebook SDK's identifier for your Ad unit. You can find this information by logging in to Facebook.
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