Line items

Exclude line items from price competition

Line items with the "Exclude from price competition" enabled are treated as if they have a $0 rate and only serve when no remnant line items, Ad Exchange or Open Bidding demand can serve.

  • They are ranked above House line items and serve before House line items regardless of rate.
  • If more than one line item has this feature enabled and compete for the same ad request, CPM (or value CPM for line items set to anything other than CPM) compete on price.

The CPM determines ranking within line items that don't compete on price.This means that these excluded line items serve prior to House line items regardless of rate.

Example of how CPM determines ranking

Suppose you excluded a Network line item that has a $2 CPM. Another Network line item is not excluded and has a $3 CPM. Ad Manager would give priority to the excluded Network line item and serve it before the Network line item that was not excluded.


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