Creative hosting

Buyers host creatives in Display & Video 360 or other DSP

Creatives for Programmatic Direct are hosted in Display & Video 360 or in other demand-side platforms (DSPs) by the buyer. Publisher-hosted creatives are possible but recommended for only special cases. Learn more about Publisher-managed creatives for Programmatic Guaranteed.

When a buyer accepts a proposal, Ad Manager copies the agreed upon terms from the proposal and its proposal line items to a corresponding order and line items. The order and its line items are linked, and changes must be made to their originating proposal and proposal line items. Learn more about making changes to a finalized proposal.

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Sizes and creatives

Including sizes in a proposal line item ensures there's a relationship between creatives in Display & Video 360 and the creative placeholders in Ad Manager.

When a buyer accepts a proposal, Ad Manager automatically creates placeholder creatives in the corresponding line items based on the inventory sizes you added to the originating proposal line items:

  • Preferred Deals: Ad Manager creates a creative placeholder for each targeted video or native size, or only a single creative placeholder for all other targeted sizes. If the Preferred Deal is with a Display & Video 360 buyer, any creative placeholders are created only when the Display & Video 360 buyer has completed configuration on their end.
  • Programmatic Guaranteed: Ad Manager creates a creative placeholder for each targeted size.

These placeholder creatives are used for reporting and are not actually used to render the creative.

Meanwhile, Display & Video 360 creates parallel line items in Display & Video 360 reflecting the agreed terms. Buyers should upload and configure creatives in Display & Video 360 line items.

Ad Manager and Display & Video 360 creative hosting

Proposals and proposal line items are used for negotiation. When finalized, corresponding orders and line items are used for delivery and reporting in Ad Manager. Creatives are hosted in Display & Video 360.

Ad Manager                                                                                                Display & Video 360
or DSP
Proposal &
proposal line items
                         order & line items
Parallel line items

Proposal flowchart

Ad Manager                                                                                                               Display & Video 360
A Proposal     B   Corresponding order E Parallel line items
C Proposal line items     D   Corresponding line items Creative hosted Hosted creatives
        Creative placeholder   Placeholder creatives    

Ad Manager uses the placeholder creatives and targeted ad units to request creatives from Display & Video 360. In the case of roadblock campaigns, you should indicate a count if the proposal line item targets inventory of the same sizes on a single page.

The order, line item, and creative placeholders can be used to report on delivery.

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