Report on video errors in real time (Beta)

Quickly determine, deactivate, and fix problematic video ads or line items
This feature is in Beta
Features in Beta phase might not be available in your network. Watch the release notes for when this feature becomes generally available.

Live video events often condense a large volume of high-value inventory into a short amount of time with a limited number of ad breaks. Errors with creatives or line item scan result in lost opportunities across many line items or ad breaks if not quickly resolved.

Real-time video reporting for Ad Manager allows you to run a report to quickly see if any ad opportunities for a video event are being lost because of problems with a specific creative, ad unit, or line item.

The "Real-time video" report type allows you see data within about 2 minutes of ad serving, which allows you to quickly respond to any issues or errors, before the next ad break.

Run a real-time video report

  1. Create a report as you normally would in Ad Manager.
  2. Choose Real-time video as the report type.
  3. Select your date range. For live events, this will likely be Today.
  4. (Optional) Click Add filter to refine your report data and include only items you specify.
  5. Choose which data to display in your report by including dimensions and metrics, and select a table structure.

    You can choose up to 10 dimensions. Hover over dimension or metric names to see definitions.

  6. Set up report scheduling and permissions.
  7. Click Run to run your report, or click Save to save the report.

Dimensions and metrics available with the "Real-time video" report type

Dimensions Metrics
  • Date
  • Hour
  • Ad unit
  • Custom dimensions
  • Device category
  • Line item
  • Line item type
  • Creative
  • Ad request source
  • Video SDK version
  • Live stream
  • Live stream ad break
  • Position of pod
  • All VAST error counts, by code
  • Total error count
  • Total impressions
  • Total responses served
  • Total unmatched ad requests
  • Total ad requests
  • Total creative serves

The report must be manually run and should be used to directly monitor your inventory during events.

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