Migration of Open Auction blocks to protections

In early July 2019, we migrated eligible Open Auction pricing rules that block Semi-transparent, Branded, and Anonymous transactions to protections. To allow for this migration, and to expand the available controls, we also added protections and applied new limits on some existing protections. Please read the details below and take the recommended action.

How rules/protections are prioritized

There are differences in the way Open Auction rules and protections are applied:

  • In the legacy Open Auction rules, pricing and blocking rules are applied sequentially by priority (e.g., a rule with priority 1 is applied before a rule with priority 2).
  • Protections are additive, meaning that all protections apply on every request that matches the targeting.

New/expanded protections

You can now:

When the protections will be applied

  • Advertiser/brand protections are applied immediately.
  • On August 14, buyer protections and Open Auction blocks (inventory exclusions) will start to apply to some of your traffic. To ensure a smooth rollout, the new blocking controls will first apply to only 5% of your traffic. At this time and on this traffic, the following will occur:
    • Serving of blocks from Open Auction pricing rules will be disabled.
    • Serving of buyer and Open Auction blocks (inventory exclusions) from protections will be enabled.
    During the transition, any changes you make in these protections should also be made in Open Auction pricing rules and vice versa, until protections serving takes full effect.

Take action: review migrated blocks

We have migrated all eligible Open Auction pricing rules to protections. The following table details the Open Auction rules migrations and where to find them in protections. We recommend the following:

  • Review the migrated rules in protections and update them as needed.
  • Create new protections as needed for Open Auction blocks that weren’t migrated (see table below).
In all scenarios below, Open Auction rules were migrated only if all three branding types were blocked. If all three branding types were NOT blocked, the rule wasn’t migrated.
Open auction pricing rule setup Migrated Protection setup
Specific advertiser/brand selected with Branded, Semi-transparent, and Anonymous pricing blocked Y Ad content protection with the specific advertiser/brand blocked
Specific buyer selected with Branded, Semi-transparent, and Anonymous pricing blocked Y Ad content protection with the specific buyer blocked
Specific advertiser/brand selected, and sub-rule with specific buyer selected. Both rules have Branded, Semi-transparent, and Anonymous pricing blocked. Y * * Migrated as two separate ad content protections:
“Set pricing and blocking for everyone” with Branded, Semi-transparent, and Anonymous pricing blocked Y Open Auction block (inventory exclusion) that targets the same inventory as the Open Auction pricing rule
Specific advertiser/brand and  buyer selected in one rule with Branded, Semi-transparent, and Anonymous pricing blocked N These weren’t migrated because we don’t offer the equivalent functionality to block an advertiser/brand for a specific buyer. Please evaluate whether you’ll need this block in the future, or if you can block the advertiser/brand across all buyers.
Setup contains a “Block” rule that is lower in priority (toward the bottom of the list) than an  “Allow” rule that matches the same request/overlapping set of inventory N No rules from this partner’s network were migrated

New protections limits

We also added the following limits to protections:

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