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Resolve issues in the App policy center

To review your App policy enforcements in Google Ad Manager, visit the App policy center: Admin and then Policy and then App policy center.

The Policy center displays all of the current enforcements on your apps. Enforcements can either block all advertising (for example, "Ad serving disabled") or restrict which advertisers can bid on your inventory (for example, "Restricted demand").

You may receive enforcements due to various issues with your content:

  • Policy violations that must be fixed. Policy violations are enforced with either "Ad serving disabled" or "Restricted demand".
  • Publisher restrictions are not policy violations so you don't need to change your content or ad requests. However, content with publisher restrictions receive "Restricted demand".
To find out if you need to take action on an enforcement, review the "Must fix" column in your Policy center. The column will say "Yes" if an enforcement is due to a policy violation. It will say "No" for publisher restrictions.
Note: While Google Play issues won't affect your Ad Manager account, it may put your Google Play app store listing at risk
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Filter and download policy violations and publisher restrictions

You can use the filter and download options in the Policy center to help you find and manage policy violations and publisher restrictions:

  • Click filter  to only see certain apps or to only see certain enforcement dates.
  • Click download Download to download a CSV file of all pages or sections with violations for all apps or individual apps.

App-level enforcements

If you've received a notification about your app, check below to find out more about the issue and what action you need to take.

Policy violation

If the "Must fix" column says "Yes", one of your apps, app sections or pages is not currently in compliance with the Program policies and, as a result, an enforcement has been taken. When the action is taken on a page, then the page is violating policy. When the action is taken on a app or app section, then there are multiple pages within the app or app section that are violating policy. When this occurs, you need to check your entire app or app section and make changes to bring it into compliance with our policies.

After you address the policy violations on your app, app section, or pages, you may request a review. Alternatively, if you want to stop serving ads on the policy violating apps, app sections or pages, you can remove the Ad Manager ad code from those apps, app sections or pages. The policy violations will be automatically removed from the Policy center within 7-10 days.

Publisher restriction

If the “Must fix” column says "No", it means that your app has content that falls under the Google Publisher Restrictions. While you can choose to monetize this type of content, you will likely receive reduced advertising as not all ad sources will be able to bid on it.

If you address any of the publisher restrictions on your app, app section, or pages, you may request a review. Alternatively, if you want to stop serving ads on the pages, you can remove the Ad Manager ad code from your pages and they will be automatically removed from the Policy center within 7-10 days.

Requesting a review

After you've made the required changes for a policy violation and/or the optional changes for a publisher restriction, you may request a review of your app. Note that there's a monthly limit on the number of reviews you can request. If you’re requesting a review because you’ve fixed issues, make sure you upload the new version of your app to a supported app store where your app is listed before you request a review. 

If your app is currently only listed on stores we don't support yet, upload your app to at least one supported app store.

Note: If you want ads to resume or continue serving to your app, request a review for each app with issues in your Policy center.

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Admin and then Policy and then App policy center.
  3. In the "Apps with policy enforcements" section, find and click the app with the enforcement.
  4. Click the Down arrow Down Arrow to open the detailed view of the enforcement.
  5. Click Request review.
  6. Complete the form and click Request review.

We'll typically review your app within one week but sometimes it can take longer. Based on the results of the review, enforcements may be removed. If other issues are found, the Policy center and enforcement will be updated appropriately.

Google Play policy restrictions

The Google Play policy restrictions section lets you know if you have a Google Play suspension and the date it was issued. Click Fix in Google Play to learn how to fix this violation.

Learn more about the Google Play violations

Policy center FAQs

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the Policy center:

I’ve fixed my app based on the policy violation details. Why can I still see a violation in my Policy center?

You’ll need to request a review of your app before the violation can be removed. Follow the steps for requesting a review.

Does the Policy center show all apps found to be in violation of the Google program policies?

No. The Policy center shows violating apps that have generated ad requests in the last 7 days. Certain apps (for example, those with very low daily traffic) will not appear in the Policy center. 

If a policy violation for an app is not shown in the Policy center, does that mean the app is in compliance with program policies?

Not necessarily. The Policy center shows apps that our review processes detected as violating one or more program policies. While we’re constantly working to improve those processes, they can't detect every violation. We may notify you outside the Policy center if we detect a violation through other means.
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