Ad Manager and Ad Exchange program policies

Resolve policy violations in the App Policy center

To review your App Policy violations in Google Ad Manager, visit the App Policy center: Admin and then Policy and then App Policy center.

App-level enforcements

In the ”Apps with policy violations” section, you can see the details of the policy violation:

  • App status: The status of the app with the policy violation; whether it has received a warning or ad serving has been limited or disabled. 
  • App: The app that has the policy violation.
  • Violation: The policy your app has violated.

Navigate to the view with policy violations for an app by clicking and then beside a given app, to view more information about the policy violation(s) including when the violation was issued and how to fix it.

Ad Manager policy violations

In the AdManager policy violations section, you’ll see the violation, the review status, and the date the violation was issued.

To learn more about the policies in violation, click each of the policy names under Violation. This provides more information about how to identify and fix the cause of the violation. Once you’ve made changes to fix your app, you can request a review if you want ads to resume or continue serving to your app. 

Request a review

You can request a review of your app after you’ve fixed violations or if you want to dispute a violation. If you’re requesting a review because you’ve fixed violations, make sure you upload the new version of your app to Google Play and/or the App Store before you request a review.

Note: If you want ads to resume or continue serving to your app, request a review for each app with policy violation notification(s) in your Policy center.

To request a review of your app:

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Navigate to the App Policy Center: Admin and then Policy and then App Policy Center.
  3. In the "Apps with policy violations" section, click and then beside the app with the violation.
  4. In the violations section, click Request a review.
  5. Review the information in the dialog box, then describe the changes you made to comply with program policies or explain the reason you think a violation may not apply.
  6. Check the checkbox to confirm you’re ready for a review.
  7. Click Request review.

Google Play violations

The Google Play violations section lets you know if you have a Google Play suspension and the date it was issued. Click Fix in Google Play to learn how to fix this violation.

Learn more about the Google Play violations

Policy center FAQs

Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions about the Policy center:

I’ve fixed my app based on the policy violation details. Why can I still see a violation in my Policy center?

You’ll need to request a review of your app before the violation can be removed. Follow the steps for requesting a review.

Does the Policy center show all apps found to be in violation of the Google program policies?

No. The Policy center shows violating apps that have generated ad requests in the last 7 days. Certain apps (for example, those with very low daily traffic) will not appear in the Policy center. 

If a policy violation for an app is not shown in the Policy center, does that mean the app is in compliance with program policies?

Not necessarily. The Policy center shows apps that our review processes detected as violating one or more program policies. While we’re constantly working to improve those processes, they can't detect every violation. We may notify you outside the Policy center if we detect a violation through other means.
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