Ad Speed reports (Beta)

Ad Speed reports (Beta)  display a snapshot of your network's ad serving speed over the last 30 days. They can help you identify the factors contributing to fast or slow load time and help you find ways to improve latency across your network.

Ad Speed report data appears in your Ad Speed Home dashboard(Beta) 

Generate an Ad Speed report

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Reports and then Queries.
  3. From the "Report type" list, select Ad Speed.
  4. (Optional) Click Add new filter to narrow the results of your query. Learn more
  5. Select one or more dimensions and metrics:
    • Ad creative load time

      The elapsed time from the moment the ad creative began to load until it completed loading (as determined by the ad’s onLoad event). Measured in seconds and assigned a grade relative to the 80th percentile load times of a group of technical peer networks similar to your own.

      You may be able to improve this score if you built the relevant creative for the advertiser. Note: Some impressions may not have ad speed or latency data associated with them.

    • Non-viewable impression reasons

      Learn why your non-viewable impressions didn't become viewable.

    • Tagging speed

      View ad speed by elapsed time for different periods, including "Page navigation to tag loaded time," "Page navigation to first ad request time," and "Tag loaded to first ad request time." Measured in seconds.

  6. (Optional) Schedule and share your report.
  7. Click Run.
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