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Enable key-values for Open Bidding (Beta)

This feature will be retired
In mid-May the Open Bidding key-values beta will end. You will no longer be able to send targeting keys to your exchange partner. Mappings by yield partners will also no longer be available. 

Serve ads from third-party exchanges in Open Bidding for desktop, mobile web, and mobile app inventory using key-values. Open Bidding uses yield groups and your existing Google SDK and tag integration.

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Are you an exchange?
Learn how to configure your exchange integration to respond to publisher's requests.

Add key-values in Ad Manager

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Inventory and then Key-values.
  3. Enter key-value pairs.
  4. Enter a Name to be used in the ad request. This is the name of the key that appears in the ad tag. It must match exactly what is in the tag.


    If the name of the key is "pos", the text in the Name field should also be "pos".

  5. Enter a Display name used by traffickers in Ad Manager when targeting line items or yield groups.


    If the name of the key is "pos", the Display name could be "position".

  6. Select a Value type.
    • You can choose to enter targeting values yourself when creating line items or checking inventory, or you can choose to use predefined values.
  7. Select whether or not you want to report on these key-values.
  8. Check the Make a dimension checkbox to create a custom dimension.
  9. (Optional) Add targeting values. You can choose to create new values or select pre-existing values.
    1. Click Add values.​
    2. Select pre-existing values you wish to use or enter new values. You can enter up to 200 values total (1 value per line).
    3. Click Apply.
  10. Enter targeting values, separated by line breaks, and click Apply.
    • You can enter targeting values for both predefined and dynamic keys. You may want to add values for dynamic keys to suggest values to your traffickers while still allowing them to enter their own.
  11. Click the display name column next to each value to define a display names for Ad Manager traffickers to use.
  12. Click Save.

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Send targeting keys to your exchange partner

Send Ad Manager targeting keys to your exchange partner. You can customize how Ad Manager sends the key-value information, if needed. Only these keys are sent to the exchange partner.

  1. Sign in to Google Ad Manager.
  2. Click Delivery and then Yield partners.
  3. Click the name of your exchange partner. All Ad Manager companies enabled for Open Bidding are listed.
  4. Click Targeting keys.
  5. Click Add exchange key mapping.
  6. Enter a targeting key you want to send from your list of Ad Manager key-values. A filtered list appears as you type.
  7. (Optional) Enter a name for the key-value in the Send as field.
    • The Send as field enables Ad Manager and the exchange partner to map this key's name to the exchange partner's key. If you do not enter a name, the targeting key name is used by default.


      If the Ad Manager key is named "pos" and exchange partner's key is named "position," you would enter "pos" in the Targeting key field and enter "position" in the Send as field.

  8. Click Add.

A total of 20 targeting keys can be sent and added for each exchange partner. You can remove a targeting key mapping by marking the checkbox next to the targeting key and clicking Remove.

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