About forecast adjustments

Make adjustments based on upcoming traffic pattern changes so they’re better reflected in traffic and inventory forecasting numbers. Providing your own version of future traffic data is helpful when:

  • Upcoming trends are not included in the forecast’s historical timeframe.
  • You can anticipate traffic spikes during new high-profile events.

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Adjustment features

With forecast adjustments in Ad Manager, you can:

  • Specify the dates when the adjustment will take effect.
  • Use segments to apply adjustments to specific inventory.
  • Adjust the predicted ad opportunities to reflect upcoming traffic pattern changes.

Get started

To create a forecast adjustment, you first need to select or create a segment, which is an inventory organization concept. Segments are reusable portions of inventory against which you can create forecast adjustments.

  1. Create a segment, or choose an existing one from the "Segments" tab, to set the targeting for your adjustment.
  2. From the segment, add the adjustment by clicking Add forecast adjustment or New forecast adjustment.
  3. See all adjustments on the "Adjustments" tab. See the adjustments for a segment by clicking the segment name from the "Segments" tab.

Workflow before segments

Here's how you created forecast adjustments before the concept of segments:

  1. On the "Traffic forecast" page, click Filter to set the targeting for the adjustment.
  2. Begin adding the adjustment by clicking Create adjustment or Download CSV.
  3. See all adjustments listed on the "Traffic forecast" page.
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